The 5 Best Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is one of the best investments you can make in your home. A kitchen update typically recoups at least 80% of its cost at sale, plus it adds a valuable “wow” factor for buyers.

Your stylish new kitchen enchants everyone who visits your home. Imagine having gleaming new countertops, ample cabinet space, modern fixtures, and a fresh layout that makes your kitchen the highlight of the house. With custom carpentry, all of this is possible.

Here are five of the best ways to update your kitchen with the help of a custom carpenter.

1- Add an Island

There’s a reason all those couples on HGTV’s “House Hunters” want a large kitchen island: Islands are fantastic. They add cooking space, more electrical outlets, and extra storage. They improve the flow of a kitchen and create an instant buffet table.

An island becomes the perfect gathering space for both entertaining and day-to-day conversations. While you work along chopping vegetables at the island, you can chat with everyone gathered around. The island becomes the heart of the home.

Of course, every kitchen is unique – which means the island must be unique too. You might need a long, narrow island or a wider and more boxy shape. Sometimes it’s best to create two smaller islands with a pass-through for smooth traffic flow.

Work with a custom builder to create an ideal island. With an expert eye on form and functionality, a craftsman will design an island that transforms your kitchen.

2- Choose Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry lifts the style of your entire kitchen. Your cabinets set the tone of the space and their design impacts everything else you choose for the kitchen – hardware, appliances, countertops, flooring, and floor plan.

Every kitchen has its own little oddities that call for custom cabinet work. Maybe you have a small nook that would look perfect with custom wine storage. Maybe you’re dreaming of a special kind of vintage-style trim. Almost anything is possible.

Custom cabinetry offers great value. Big-box stores often advertise that they can remodel your kitchen for less than $10,000 – but you’re spending all that money on cheap wood, tacky finishes, and less-than-perfect designs.

With custom carpentry, you’re getting heirloom-quality cabinets that will retain their good looks and value for decades to come. Plus, you’ll get just what you want. Choose every bit of the trim, layout, finish, and color, and come away knowing you’ve made a 100% solid investment.

3- Get the Look of Built-In

What if you can’t invest in an entire custom kitchen and still want a custom look? Consider hiring an expert carpenter to add custom details to your existing kitchen.

For example, a craftsman can add finishing wood and trim to make your appliances look built in. Your refrigerator can become part of the wall design, or your dishwasher can disappear under custom woodwork that blends into the surrounding cabinets.

All of these small touches add up to a big impact. The overall effect is a stunning custom look.

4- Update Your Backsplash

Although backsplashes are utilitarian, preventing water and grease from hitting your walls, they can be as stylish as anything else in your home.

The color and finishes of your cabinets, counters, and floors should inform your backsplash choice. Avoid selecting a backsplash that is the exact same color as your cabinets and countertops, or you’ll get a bland tone-on-tone look. Give it some contrast.

Backsplashes come in a huge variety of materials: tile, stone, concrete, glass, metal and more. Work with your carpenter to ensure your selection adds maximum style and maximum value to your kitchen.

5- Make it Modern

Old-fashioned kitchens can be charming, but there’s nothing charming about decades-old grime or claustrophobic designs. Sometimes a kitchen just needs an update.

Here are the most important areas to modernize:

Poor layout. A poor layout ruins a good kitchen. This is particularly true in older homes with small and galley-style kitchens.

Fussy fixtures. A leaky faucet or ugly light fixture is so easy to replace, and so much better when it’s done. The same goes for old appliances.

Outdated pulls and hardware. Nothing prevents your enjoyment of a kitchen like creaking doors and sticky drawers. Add new hinges, pulls, sliders, and soft-close functionality.

Dated floors. You’ll be stunned to see the change in your kitchen with new floors. Plus, the cost is manageable. Much of the kitchen floor space is taken up by cabinets, appliances, and an island, where flooring isn’t needed.

Cabinet door fronts. Even if you can’t replace all of the cabinetry, consider replacing the door fronts. A custom carpenter can make your entire kitchen look new just by adding stylish new doors.

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